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A Few Miles Away, But Two Worlds Apart

Long history of segregation has caused educational inequities on Long Island

By Maya Brown

Two towns right next to each other dramatically differ in environment, demographics and socioeconomic status, but it doesn’t stop there. It is also evident in education. The difference in economic power also has an impact on the money  school districts receive and the quality of the education on both sides of the tracks. 

Malverne School District defies the odds regarding educational equity on Long Island

Maya Brown speaks with Dr. Lorna Lewis, the superintendent of the Malverne School District, regarding Malverne Schools, educational inequity on Long Island and how housing discrimination has created a highly segregated region that ultimately effects education.

Daniela Figueroa on “the divide”

Daniela Figueroa, a long-time Hempstead resident, speaks on the divide between Hempstead and Garden City as she walks down on Clinton Street.

Photo Gallery:
Inequalities across Long Island

Maya Brown explores Long Island and photographs various towns and all of the present inequalities from education to housing to supermarkets. Long Island remains one of the most 
segregated suburbs in America.

Daniela Figueroa’s experience at HHS inspired her to become a teacher

Daniela Figueroa, a 2020 graduate of Hempstead High School, says her experience and awareness of educational inequity has inspired her to become a teacher to create change in the world of equity.

Podcast: A Few Miles Away,
But Two Worlds Apart

A podcast episode focusing on educational inequity and its effects on students of color. Maya Brown interviews Janel George, the director of the Racial Equity in Education Law and Policy Clinic at Georgetown Law.